Increase confidence How to solve the problem of bad breaths

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Many people may be experiencing bad breaths problems that cause them to lack confidence. Whether it’s time to talk with friends. Talk with customers or when having to chat with others. Some people may not be aware that they have bad breath. Therefore did not find a way to reduce bad breath. And can result in other problems. We will take everyone to get to know the causes of bad breath and what causes bad breath. And can bad breath really indicate disease. Along with ways to reduce bad breath and prevention methods that everyone can easily follow. 

Bad breath : Or bad breaths Caused by foul gases in the body that come out with breath. Which is the source of the smell It can happen in the mouth. In the throat, or even in the nose. These scents are The origin of bad breath. Which in addition to showing poor internal health It also interferes with personality. Bad breaths can occur for many reasons: Report by สมัคร ufabet

Inside the mouth there are tooth decay. This is caused by poor oral hygiene. The toothbrush is not clean, there is tartar and bacteria. On the surface of the teeth, tongue and inside the cheeks. Sores in the mouth It is gingivitis, etc.

  • Is a disease of the respiratory system such as nasopharyngitis or sinusitis, cancer of the nasal cavity. lung disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer. Which these diseases May cause a foul odor to come out of the breath.
  • Have tonsillitis or tonsil stones
  • Is a disease related to the digestive system, such as bloating and acid reflux disease. Peptic ulcer disease – being a smoker We can stop bad breath. To prevent bad breath To disturb other people and cause us to lose our personality. This can be done by
  • Brush your teeth/gargle after eating. We usually brush our teeth in the morning after waking up and before going to bed every day. But if we are someone who has bad breath. We should brush our teeth after meals or gargle after every meal. In order to reduce bacteria that will accumulate in the mouth. and cause us to have bad breath. But even if we are people who don’t have bad breath. We can use this method as well to prevent additional bad breath.
  • Treat tooth decay and oral ulcers When tooth decay or sores occur in the mouth. Makes us have bad breath Hurrying to seek treatment is the solution. Including scaling off tartar. Brushing your tongue thoroughly is also a good way to treat bad breath. In addition, treatment of diseases related to the respiratory tract. Such as treatment of sinus disease Acid reflux disease, lung disease. When recovered It will help our bad breath disappear as well.
  • Drink more water Drinking more water And more often will help reduce the accumulation of bacteria. That can accumulate in the mouth and tongue and can reduce bad breath.
  • Eat foods that contain fiber. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber. It can help the body release accumulated waste easily. And can help reduce the bad smell that comes from the body. In addition, choosing to eat certain types of food after meals can help reduce bad breath as well.
  • Quit smoking The smell from cigarettes will remain in the mouth and teeth. Cause bad breath In addition, cigarettes are a trigger for tartar buildup in the mouth. Which is also the cause of bad breath. Reducing smoking or quitting smoking altogether can help reduce bad breath and help us have better health.