Manchester City attacker Sterling to stay at the club

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Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman has urged Manchester City attacker Raheem Sterling to stay at the club amid further transfer links.

         The England international star has a contract with the team until 2023 only and has been linked with a move away from the team at the end of the season. Because of the fall out as a backup of the team while Arsenal added news of the offensive line aiming at Sterling as one of the goals as well.

         McManaman, however, sees Sterling remains a key player for City and should stay at the ufabet club rather than opting for a transfer. 

         “I can’t see Raheem moving to Arsenal if they don’t play in the Champions League and I personally believe he should be at Manchester City. Great at Manchester City, although Pep Guardiola likes to switch teams,” McManaman said.

         “He should talk to his manager to see where his future lies, there are only three out of five or six of Manchester City’s attacking line-up playing every week. Plus they just got Erling Haaland, so players sometimes miss chances.

         “As long as those players are happy and they know they can play a part and win trophies every year. That’s the most important thing.”

         “I don’t know Raheem’s personal situation or whether he is happy or not. But if I were him I would stay because he is a really important player.”