Konate does not come out of the swans, 4 champions only look at the hammer game

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Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate has not dare to run in the lavender fields over the club’s history of making four trophies in the 2021-22 season. Because there are still plenty of ufabet games left. Several months later, everything could happen. So let’s look at match-to-match, starting with West Ham this Saturday.

Konate has been called the “lucky man” of the ‘ Reds ‘. Because the team are unbeaten in their 16 games on the field. And last week was one of the shoot-out killers to help the club win the Carabao Cup by defeating Chelsea. C during the target duel 11-10 after a draw in 120 minutes 0-0 

When starting to count one, there is a stream of cheering for Liverpool to sweep the other three competitions. That still have a chance to win the English Premier League , Champions League and FA Cup because no team has ever done it before.  

However, the center back Frenchman hastened to cut the end of the beautiful world to not go too far. Bring the truth closer to defeat ‘ The Hammer ‘. Cut the points from the top of the crowd Manchester City to 3 points first.

The Hammer ‘. Cut the points from the top of the crowd Manchester City to 3 points first

“ As I have studied before. We do not sit and think about such things (4 champions in one season ) a lot. ” Opening the mouth to the official website  

“ We still have a lot of important games left. Which to press every champion in this season requires cooperation from everyone ” 

“ As for the queue every three day. There is no choice but to be ready and West Ham are a very good team. ” 

“ The last meeting we lost 2-3 , so I know it’s poisonous. They are strong. ” 

“ As for many goals this season must be put on hold. We should concentrate on match – to – match , where the game in front of us is the most important thing. ” 

The stats for the United Kingdom at this time are only Manchester United. Who have won three trophies in a single season, 1998-99 : the English Premier League. The Champions League and the FA Cup.