Bruno panics crashes into a luxury car, but the man has no scratches

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has been a little startled. when driving in an accident but no injuries

Manchester United’s Portugal midfielder Bruno Fernandes was involve in a car crash on Monday, the PA news agency reported. The condition of the car was damage quite a lot. But neither the player nor the other party suffered serious injuries from this incident.

Predicted that after Bruno cleared this event successfully. Will head to Carrington Training Ground To train with other teammates as usual. With a big program waiting for the Premier League game ufabet ‘Red Heat’ at Anfield, visit Liverpool on Tuesday.

Manchester United won a crucial 3-2 win over Norwich on Saturday. Awakening hopes of winning 4th place in the Champions League again. After rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal all stumbled on the same day and West Ham did not win the game week.

Fernandes crashed his £90,000 Porsche on his way to Manchester United training but, fortunately, emerged unscathed from the incident.

And Rangnick, speaking ahead of his side’s epic showdown with Liverpool on Tuesday night, has now confirmed the Portugal international is fine and will be involved in tomorrow’s match.“Yes, he was training with the team obviously the accident happened on the way to Carrington,” said the German.